Count your intake.

Live in your wellthy place with products created and curated for you by Water Counts™.

Introducing the H2Ohhh!™ Counter

It's the low tech, high delight tool you can use to count your daily water intake. Tell your color story with all three sizes.

Your Water Bottle Soulmate.

Shop our selection of BKR reusable glass water bottles with silicone sleeves. You'll never drink alone again.

Quench Kits For All

Your water program is as unique as you are, so quench your thirst for life with a Quench Kit that fits your life and style perfectly.

Water Counts For the Entire Family

Save With Our Quench Kits & Bundles  |  Choose Your Sizes & Colors

Water Counts | H2Ohhh! Counter Bundle

Save on H2Ohhh!™ Counters in all three sizes: 8, 6, and 4 beads to count your water intake–your low-tech, high delight drinking buddies.

Can’t decide which style of H2Ohhh!™ Counter to get? Choose your color story, sizes, and styles to use with all of your water bottles.

The Quench Kit Uno contains a BKR glass water bottle, H2Ohhh!™ Counter, and BKR straw cap and straws.

The Quench Kit Duo contains two BKR glass water bottles, two H2Ohhh!™ Counters, and BKR straw caps and straws.

The Quench Kit Trio contains three BKR glass water bottles, three H2Ohhh!™ Counters, and BKR straw caps and straws.

Solving Our Global Drinking Problem

Give clean water.

Water Counts™ by Vivid Academy is creating and curating lifestyle products with a mission to celebrate H2Ohhh!™ and inspire you to drink, live, and give clean water.

Your purchases benefit clean water projects in Africa and the United States.

Celebrating the Wonder of H2Ohhh!™

Drinking is rewarding.

Vibrant, energetic, healthy life is addictive, and so are products created and curated by Water Counts™. Their design, quality, and style are intended to bring goodness into your everyday life. Whenever you shop with us, you earn Water Counts™ Rewards, and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference for someone connected to you by water.

Your purchases benefit clean water projects in Africa and the United States. For real.

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Water connects us and so do our shipping partners.

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How we make and curate our products matters.

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You're solving real problems for real people for a change.

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