3 Steps to Wellthy, Where Wellness Meets Wealth: Drink, Live, & Give Clean Water

Water Counts™We’re rolling out the blue carpet and inviting you to what we lovingly call “the wellthy place.” This isn’t just any destination. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, and a soul-feeding journey. Will you join us? Drink more water, live with products created and curated for you by Water Counts™, and give clean water to communities at home and around the globe. Imagine a place where every sip of water is a toast to health, a nod to sustainability, and a step towards global change. That’s the wellthy place. It’s where wellness meets wealth–not just in dollars and cents, but in the richness of life and the joy of giving.

Water Is Essential to Life

The numbers don’t lie. That miraculous body of yours is 60% water. Your blood is 90% water. Your brain is 85% water. Water, darling, is the elixir of life. It is effortlessly, divinely influencing every one of your body’s essential functions. Water is enabling digestion, regulating your temperature, and elegantly detoxifying your system.

Your joints, your radiant skin, and even your cognitive brilliance depend on this life source. When it comes to your heart’s beating, muscular grace, and maintaining your weight, water is your steadfast companion, guiding you toward your wellthy flow. Water is our faithful ally, ensuring we remain vibrant and thriving. Water is nature’s lifeline to vitality!

Addressing Our Global Drinking Problem

The problem is twofold: 1) 95% of Americans have access to clean water, and 75% of us aren’t drinking it–to our detriment, and 2) According to the World Bank, 2 billion people around the globe do not have access to clean water. Proceeds from Water Counts™ products will fund clean water projects in the United States and Africa. 

Water Counts™ is a social enterprise created by Vivid Academy to solve our drinking problem. Vivid Academy is a 501(c)3 entrepreneurial support organization (ESO) and social learning platform. We exist to make vision vivid to empower individuals and communities, inspire collaborative action, and create sustainable wealth.
  • We care about people, the engine of innovation.
  • We invest in people and their ideas.
  • We have a bias toward action, patience for growth, and impatience for impact.
  • We are joining forces with social entrepreneurs and funders to propel real change.

We know that water counts for health, education, and economies. 

Celebrating H2Ohhh!™

Water Counts | H2Ohhh! Counters

At Water Counts™, we’re all about making hydration an exhilarating, life-affirming experience with a dose of style for good measure. It begins with a little matchmaking. We want to introduce you to your new drinking buddies: H2Ohhh!™ Counters that make tracking your water intake a breeze and bkr reusable glass bottles to accompany you everywhere. Every one is designed to bring a smile to your face and goodness to the world in three simple steps.

Step 1: Drink More Water

The amount you drink is personal. Learn more about the factors to consider. Whether you drink from a glass or a water bottle, Water Counts™ is here to inspire you.

Step 2: Live With Products for Your Life & Style

Water Counts | Quench Kit Trio

Shop the Water Counts™ Store to purchase our H2Ohhh!™ Counters. Use these water counter beads with all of your water bottles to track your water intake. However, we’re so obsessed with bkr (pronounced “beaker”) that we are setting the bar high and making it the first of our artfully curated brands. You will understand when you get yours. Shop our Quench Kits & Bundles for the entire family. 

Step 3: Give Clean Water

Water Counts™ | Track Your Intake & Your Impact
Borehole project by Martin NGO in Foumban, Cameroon. PHOTO COURTESY RON WITHERSPOON PHOTOGRAPHY

The wellthy place is not defined by only what and how you drink. It’s what you stand for. Each purchase you make supports clean water projects in the United States and Africa. Imagine quenching your thirst while helping to solve our global drinking problem. That’s being wellthy–where your daily choices create a continual flow of vitality and ripple out to make waves of positive change. Water Counts™ is partnering with reputable individuals, NGOs, and companies with a track record of success.  In addition to purchasing our products, you can also donate to our funding campaign.

Let’s Drink to Wellthy!

Water Counts™ | Track Your Intake & Your ImpactConsider this your open invitation to join us in the wellthy place! Let’s raise our glasses to a future where everyone enjoys the physical and spiritual benefits of clean water. Celebrate every drop, every choice, and every life we touch.

When you shop with us, we can turn the tide on our global drinking problem. Let’s drink to wellthy together!

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